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THE GYM Ambassador Program

Congratulations on being selected into THE GYM’s ambassador program. THE GYM is looking for like-minded individuals that display fitness as a cornerstone in their life just as much as we at THE GYM view fitness and health.

Benefits to being an Ambassador:

  • 1/2 off Membership to THE GYM
  • Discount on Supplements from all our providers
  • Commission on all New Members you Refer to THE GYM
  • Discount to THE GYM Apparel
  • Displayed on our Social Media Platforms & Website
  • Guest Passes for Referrals

What our Ambassador do for THE GYM:

  • Post on Social Media and Tag THE GYM
  • Referral Members to THE GYM
  • When at Conferences, or Fitness Comps Rep THE GYM
  • Give advice on how to make THE GYM the best!